7 Figure Cycle by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton who have successfully launched several multi-million information products since 2006 are only about to launch their eCommerce training course called 7 figure cycle.

What Is The ‘7-Figure Cycle’?

The ‘7 Figure Cycle’ is a complete system that teaches people how to uniquely leverage the cyclical eCommerce selling process.

By virtue of rapid two-week ‘cycles’, money could be turned around with a 50%+ margin up to 26-times in a year. What this means is that a tiny starting budget of say, $100, could quickly compound to an income stream of several thousand EACH DAY.

This is the ‘snowball effect’ at it’s brilliant best, they have cracked the code to being able to roll out new 100% iron-clad income streams in the space of only a few weeks… thanks to a special ‘fusion’ of multiple factors (described further below), all this could be achieved:

– WITHOUT a website
– WITHOUT spending a fortune on products ($100 is PLENTY)
– WITHOUT waiting weeks for products to arrive
– WITHOUT any product development/branding
– WITHOUT any customer support
– WITHOUT needing to run any paid ads

They could do this by leveraging USA-based distributors who give them access to product catalogs holding millions of physical products (SKU’s). They slice & dice the SKU data & cherry pick the best opportunities, send them to Amazon, let Amazon do all the heavy-lifting for them.

Here is a 10,000 foot view of the solution they teach in 7-Figure Cycle:

1. Find A Wholesaler (use one from our database)
2. Identify Profitable Product (using our breakthrough software)
3. Purchase Product and Prepare It For Sale
4. Send Product To Amazon
5. Sell Product Within 14 Days At +50% Margin
6. Rinse and Repeat

Due to the instant access to credit-card-in-hand buyer traffic in the Amazon.com eco-system, it is EXPECTED that users can see profits within a matter of hours once the foundations are laid.

The main reason no-one has exploited this solution before, is because there has not been a way to quickly analyze & filter the millions of products that are available to sell, and systematically pin-point the most profitable products & KNOW with certainty that they’ll sell quickly, so you could re- cycle your cash. This is where the breakthrough tool-suite comes in…

Their proprietary in-house tool-suite NAILS the exploration & analysis of opportunities, providing the ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle to enable users to rapidly see results.
As if all this was not compelling enough, they are SO confident that their users will get results, that they will be offering a ‘double your money back’ guarantee to customers, if for some weird reason they are unable to get results.

The course is launching on 24th of January & you will be able to find a detailed review as well our beta testing insights there


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