Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review

Affiliate Titan is an information course with several training modules and software devoted to affiliate marketers.

With this product, the steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer are simplified.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 was launched in February 2017 and it is creating quite a stir amongst affiliate marketers.

Some people claim it’s a scam, but others say it’s a legitimate training course. In this Affiliate Titan review we’ll inspect the course and see what it is really about.

I’ll discuss the facts and you can make your own choice.

Created by Chris X, Affiliate Titan is a package of training material (videos and an eBook) and some applications.

There are six programs within the package; King of The Zon, 1 Click Affiliate, Launch Pulse, CB 100, and Rapid Video Creator.

We are going to discuss these programs in more detail later on in this review.

In short, Affiliate Titan provides you with things that you may want to begin as an affiliate marketer.

The main course; an eBook explains the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and why someone would be interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

The course teaches you how to use pre-written scripts and make videos to upload YouTube. Then, include target keywords in the title and description of the video and expect it ranks.

But, does the strategies taught actually work?

What is in The Member’s Area?

Once your payment has been confirmed, the login details will be sent to your inbox.

From that point, the member’s place is one-page with links to the main PDF file along with the extra programs.

The main course, a PDF file, known as The Quick Starter Guide, provides you with a brief introduction to how the system works and how the applications should be used.

In my view, I don’t think you’ll know exactly what to do after reading the book.

Beginners need a clear step by step guide and suitable education to construct a good foundation for their internet business.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the information provided in Affiliate Titan is adequate.

This program has led me and tens of thousands of individuals make a Life Changing income on the internet. Find out how you can too!

Well, let’s take a look at the rest of the programs.

The Software:

Here is how the programs should be used, in a nutshell:

Pick a popular affiliate product.
Create a sales script.

Copy the template sales script.
Input it in the media creator.
Add images.
Include a voice over.
Create the video.
Upload to YouTube.


That’s how the system works.

King of the Zon is the first program which you will use in this system.

The tool provides you with a search bar to find products to promote on Amazon, in addition to some very helpful information such as product popularity, growth, price, and number of reviews.

Upon closer inspection, this tool doesn’t offer much in-depth info.

Most of the information regarding Amazon goods can be found on Amazon’s official site or through a quick Google search.

Unlike JVZOO or Clickbank where the product founders choose the commission rate, Amazon has the exact same commission rate for every item.

So you can easily find something to promote just by going to the official site and browsing through categories. In fact, I found King of The Zon hides a whole lot of Amazon products.

For example, I searched for”Computers” on King of the Zon and received 0 results. Meanwhile, on Amazon, I received over 100,000 outcomes.

King of the Zon is free for the public, you do not need to buy the Affiliate Titan membership to get access. Check it out here.


This tool is basically the same as the previous tool but rather than Amazon products, it finds Klick bank products.

The interface is like King of the Zon and all the products are out of Click bank.

Once more, Clickbank has its own official search portal for affiliate products, one which provides more information than this tool.

I’m not certain why someone would need another search portal that delivers fewer results than the free one.

This program has led me and thousands of individuals make a Life Changing income on the internet. Find out how you can too!

Launch Pulse

Launch Pulse is very similar to the earlier mentioned programs but the focus is on upcoming internet marketing launches.

This tool is particularly helpful because it allows you to get in on the action before the waves of affiliates arrive. Most affiliate marketers will visit the biggest affiliate product marketplaces to find something to promote.

But with Launch Pulse you will have the ability to sign-up as an affiliate before the product hits the marketplaces, thus beating the other affiliates and gaining an edge.

Launch Pulse also shows you the commission rates as well as possible cash prizes. It’s a helpful tool to find something to promote before everyone else.

However, the question is, are you equipped to promote any kind of products online?

1 Click Affiliate

This one, however, is all about finding a template we can use to market our product.

Just type in as many keywords associated with the product that you discovered and hit the search button.

Matching templates should appear, and you can borrow the pitches from these templates.

The trouble with this is, it delivers the very same ideas to everyone who uses this product, leading to thousands of identical sites, content, and sales pages. That’s not ideal.

In my opinion, once you’ve got a product to market, it’s much better to write a unique review of the course to promote it, instead of sharing the identical pre-made templates with everybody.

The conversions will be far better if you use your own content, and Google punishes duplicate content.

Rapid Video Ranker

Rapid Video is an easy media editing program to create quick videos.

The program makes simple slide-show based videos, with each line of the script being one slide. The concept is to make fast videos for YouTube.

The script from earlier should be entered here along with any relevant pictures or voiceover work (some royalty free music tracks are included).

Members can also change the background colour, text size, text color, and much more to create a beautiful media.

Personally, I think YouTube has sufficient low quality movies in their database.

I see a good deal of these products offering to make quick videos for YouTube and promising thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. It does not work like that.

Most people will watch the video for a second or two, leave a negative score and move on.

If you really need to make high-converting videos you will need to spend a whole lot of time on editing and voice-over work.

Invest in a quality microphone and provide a good deal of value. Making super-fast, slide-show style videos is not a shortcut to affiliate success.

Further Training Systems:

There are 3 additional PDF files contained: Google SEO System, YouTube SEO System, and Email Marketing System.

The Google SEO System is an 8 page manual and 6 of these pages are about using the tools mentioned earlier, the last 2 briefly discuss search engine optimization.

The first SEO tip is all about writing articles for your website; they recommend five articles with at least 500 words each.

Fiverr will probably send spam links to your website and encourage Google to reach your site using a spam penalty and decrease your rank. Not recommended.

The YouTube system is identical and just one section is devoted to the topic at hand.

Interestingly, the PDF file urges downloading computer-screen recording software and creating high quality movies, instead of using their video creation software.

It is almost like they know the video applications doesn’t work.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Titan expects you to set up an affiliate business, with that little knowledge they supply, in the shortest period possible, and pray that visitors and sales will come your way.

In my view, the training material is very out-dated and much too basic. If you’re interested in high quality training or tools, they are not in Affiliate Titan.

If you would have followed everything taught in Affiliate Titan, you will probably gain success 5 years ago, but not today.

I would avoid this program all together.

There is no need to try and use secret shortcuts to beat your competitors and definitely do not buy back-links from Fiverr!

So, if Affiliate Titan isn’t for you, then what is?

I have reviewed hundreds of make money online applications, and have scoured through the world wide web to discover a couple of quality training for your to begin.

The best training program I have come across can be found here.

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